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ATi Rage Fury MAXX

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Core: 2x ATI Rage 128 Pro 125MHz 128bit Memory: 64MB SDR 140MHz 128bit
Year: 2000 Bus: AGP 4x Made: 250nm
Pixel pipelines: 4(2x2) TMU per pipeline: 2(2x1)
Vertex shaders: not supported   Pixel Shaders: not supported  DirectX: 7
Memory bandwith: 4540 MB/s
Pixel write speed: 500 MPixel/s Texel write speed:  500 MTexel/s

ATi Rage Fury MAXX ATi Rage Fury MAXX
ATi Rage Fury MAXX ATi Rage Fury MAXX
ATi Rage Fury MAXX  HQ ATi Rage Fury MAXX HQ
ATi Rage Fury MAXX  HQ ATi Rage Fury MAXX HQ

Comments (7)
  • MageX  - bios image(s) available for these?

    Due to someone trying to flash one of these for Mac use, and not saving the original ROM image(s), I have one of these that I'd like to fix. It's not real important, but I'd find it a shame to trash a perfectly good card simply because the flash was messed up. You know?

  • Zaatharen

    So you want me to get ROMs from card? :)
    Mine is working and i might try it. Dont throw it away, its quite rare ATi card.

  • MageX

    If you wouldn't mind, yes, please. I couldn't believe someone screwed this card up having seen how rare they seem to be. It took me a bit of playing and digging up of various flash utilities just to be able to flash both adapters. ATIFLASH 3.x and up won't flash it at all, and 1.x locks up when trying to flash the 2nd adapter. Luckily, FLASHROM 2.40 let me flash test images to both adapters (wrong type, so the card still doesn't work as a single Rage 128 Pro). I fully intended to not only keep the images for myself, but I'm going to add them to the download area (and possibly anonymous FTP path) on my own co-located server.

  • Zaatharen

    Hello again and sorry for long reply, got a lot of work and moving stuff recently. Right now im unable to find working motherboard with Intel 440 chipset series, so i cant test it :(

  • MageX

    Well, as I said before, it's no real rush. Funny that you mention the 440 chipset, though. That's what my Win98SE system is running on. It's on an Abit BH6 board with a PII @ 450MHz. The Maxx would be a spare video card for that system, if I can ever get the ROMs re-flashed with the correct contents.

  • Zaatharen

    My friend bought Bus Pirate device recently, so we might be able to dump BIOS with it even without motherboard. There is no telling if that will work though.

  • MageX  - if it works, great...if not, oh well

    It'd just be a shame to junk a perfectly operational piece of hardware because of someone's mistaken idea to flash it for an old Mac. Thanks for letting me know, though. So many people and places just forget to return contact, so it's nice to know that I found someone decent.

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