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Creative Labs 3D Blaster VLB

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3D Blaster VLB
Core: 3DLabs GameGlint - a trimmed down version of Glint 300SX (or maybe a full 300SX??) ?MHz ?bit
Memory: 1 MB VRAM (framebuffer), 1 MB DRAM (textures) ?MHz ?bit (upgradable to 4 MB overall)
Year: 1995 Bus: VL-Bus
this was the first try to establish a consumer-card and standard for 3D-acceleration and the only 3D-accelerator for the Vesa Local Bus
it's also capable of 2D-acceleration in Windows or you could use it as a "plain" 3D-accelerator like a Voodoo later

3D Blaster VLB 3D Blaster VLB
3D Blaster VLB (UQ) 3D Blaster VLB (UQ)
3D Blaster VLB 3D Blaster VLB
copy of old creative webpage copy of old creative webpage

Comments (5)
  • Slaventus  - OMG

    This card is extremely rare! Congratulations!

  • Pirx  - thx


  • Anonymous  - market value?

    Gee I wonder what this dinosaur is worth? I still have mine and at least the box is way cool.

  • Anonymous

    That would be nice!

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