Headland HT205

Saturday, 12 December 2009 12:43 Vlask
Core: HT205 ?MHz ?bit
Memory: 256kB ?MHz ?bit
Year: 1989 Bus: ISA 16bit
Made: USA
Links: none known

Bios: Headland

Headland HT205 Headland HT205
Headland HT205 Headland HT205

Tags: Other ISA 16bit 256kB 1989 DRAM VGA Vlask
Comments (3)
  • saverio  - Headland VGA 650-0161-02

    Hi I have this exact video card, the one shown in the photo with the extra 9 pin male connector, what is this for?


  • sam reaves  - Looking for one of these cards


    Would you be willing to sell or trade the card with the Headland HT205/F1A475 chip on it?

    I need the chip to fix a piece of equipment in my ham shack that will only work with this chip.

    Thanks Much

  • Anonymous

    sorry I sold it a few weeks ago on ebay

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