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Tag: Professional cards Ordering
Core: R300 324MHzMemory: 256MB DDR 554MHz 256bitYear: 2002 Bus: AGP Pro 8xMade: TSMC 150nm Links: Tom'sHW Wikipedia OpenGL
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400
Core: NV40 (NV45GL) 351MHz 256bitMemory: 256MB GDDR3 898MHz 256bitYear: 2004 Bus: PCI-E 16xMade: TSMC 130nm Links: Tom'shw Wikipedia Opengl Price: $1799
NVIDIA Quadro FX 370
Core: G84 360MHz 16 shaders at 720MHzMemory: 256MB DDR2 800MHz 64bitYear: 2007 Bus: PCI-E 16x 2.0Made: TSMC 80nm Taiwan Links: Tom'sHardware Beyond3D Opengl Price: $99
HP Visualize fx2
Core: HP ?MHz ?bitMemory: 10MB SGR ?MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCI 64bitMade: Canada Links: Press Info Pdf linuxwiki spec
Compaq Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition
Core: ATI 3D Rage IIC PCI ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB SDRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Linuxmanual HP info
Intergraph Intense 3D Pro 3410 (MSMT496)
Core: Cirrus (512kB) for dos + RealiZm II ?MHz ?bitMemory: 16MB FrameBuffer + 16MB Texture memory SDR ?MHz ?bitYear: 1998 Bus: AGPMade: ? Links: Press manual Opengl
NVIDIA QuadroFX 1300
Core: NV35GL (NV38?) 351MHz 256bitMemory: 128MB DDR 552MHz 256bitYear: 2004 Bus: PCI-E 16xMade: TSMC 130nm Links: Tom'shw Wikipedia Opengl HP Price:$899
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 285
Core: NV44GL 275MHz 256bitMemory: 64MB DDR 548MHz 64bitYear: 2005 Bus: PCI-E 16xMade: TSMC 110nm Taiwan Links: Youtube Wikipedia Opengl
3Dlabs Wildcat VP990 Pro
Core: Wildcat VP900 (P10) ?MHz ?bitMemory: 512MB DDR 256bitYear: 2003 Bus: AGP 8xMade: ? µm Taiwan Links: ixbtlabs Pdf Opengl Press Price: $899
Core: NV11GL 200MHz 256bitMemory: 32MB SDR 183MHz 128bitYear: 2000 Bus: AGP 4xMade: TSMC 180nm Links: Pdf Wikipedia Opengl Press
Intergraph Intense3D Wildcat 4110 VIO (MSMT664)
Core: Chips B69000 (2D) + Wildcat 4110 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 64MB SDR 128bit FrameBuffer + 64MB SDR 64bit Texture memory + 8MB 64bit DirectBurst + 2MB for DosYear: 1999 Bus: AGP Pro (2x mode)Made: ? µm Links: Press manual OpenGL
Core: NV10 135MHz 256bitMemory: 64MB SDR / DDR 166 / 333MHz 128bitYear: 1999 Bus: AGP 4x / AGP ProMade: TSMC 220nm Price: $850 Links: Hothardware Wikipedia Opengl Press
ELSA GLoria-L/MX 816
Core: 3DLabs GLiNT MX 80MHz + GLINT Delta ?bit + S3 Virge for DOS Memory: Framebuffer 8MB VRAM 64bit + Localbuffer 16MB EDO + 1MB for DOS ?MHz  Year: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: Press drivers Opengl Datasheet Progmanual
Diamond Fire GL 3000
Core: 3DLabs GLiNT 500TX + GLINT Delta ?MHz ?bit + Avance Logic ALG2564 for DOS Memory: 8MB VRAM + 16MB EDO + 1MB for DOS ?MHz ?bit Year: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: Press drivers Opengl Price: $2,795
Intergraph Intense 3D Pro 2200 (MSMT440)
Core: Cirrus (512kB) is for dos ?MHz ?bitMemory: 16MB SDR FrameBuffer + 4/16MB optional Texture memory ?MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: viewperf manual OpenglNote: id number is MSMT440, versions with S (2200S) were sold with texture memory module
Marquette 403777-002
Core: Texas Instruments TMS34010FNL-50 50MHz 32bitMemory: ?kB DRAM+VRAM ?MHz 16bitYear: 1986 Bus: NuBusMade: Texas Instruments Links: Pdf Wikipedia youtube promo video User guide
ATI FireGL V7200
Core: R520 (Fudo) 594MHz ?bitMemory: 256MB DDR3 1296MHz 256bitYear: 2006 Bus: PCI-E 16xMade: TSMC 90nm Taiwan Links: xbitlabs Wiki Beyond3D Price: $800
miro 20 Twin PCI
Core: S3 86C864-P + 86C964-P ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB 2cycle EDO 0ns + 2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1994 Bus: PCIMade: Korea Links: Jumpers Gbooks
3Dlabs Oxygen GVX1
Core: GLINT R3 Rasterization processor + GLINT Gamma G1 Geometry processor ?MHz ?bitMemory: 32MB SGR 100MHz 128bitYear: 1999 Bus: AGP 2xMade: 0,25µm Links: PDF Firingsquad Tomshardware Press Price: $999
SPEA Graphiti HiLite
Core: TMS34020AGBL-32 ?MHz 32bitMemory: ?kB VRAM ?MHz 16/32bitYear: 1988 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Texas Instruments Japan Links: PDF Wikipedia User guide
Datapath TWINfinity Quad
Core: 4xTrio64V2/DX (86C775) 54,89MHz 64bitMemory: 4x2MB 1cycle EDO 0ns 54,89MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Drivers
Matrox Productiva G100-Quad
Core: 4xMGA-G100 (Twister) ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4x4MB SGR ?MHz 64bitYear: 1998 Bus: PCIMade: NEC 0,35 µm Links: manualNote: quad video card
ATI Fire GL2
Core: IBM RC1000 120MHz 256bit + GT1000(T&L) 190MHzMemory: 64MB DDR SGRAM 240MHz 256bitYear: 2000 Bus: AGP 4xMade: IBM ?µm Links: tomshardware Price: $1200Note: initially sold as Diamond Fire GL2, later as ATI (profi vga division sold to ATI)
Core: IBM ?MHz ?bitMemory: 128MB ?MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: PCI 64bitMade: IBM Links: Pdf instal guide IBM Price: $2,995Note: workstation card for IBM RS/6000 Model 7044 -170/270, 7043-270
Cornerstone ImageAccel 2
Core: LSI ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: Hong Kong Links: Press GbooksNote: Cirrus Logic is for DOS only
3Dlabs Oxygen GMX
Core:Permedia 2v(2D) + GLINT GMX 2000 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 96MB ?MHz ?bitYear: 1998 Bus: AGP 2xMade: ? Links: manual Press Price: $2299
HP Visualize FX10
Core: Agilent ?MHz ?bitMemory: 64MB SDR 166MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: AGP 2xMade: USA Links: whitepaper manual press Price: $2500Note: card number A1264-66501
Intergraph Intense3D RealiZm II 1.3+ (MSMT408)
Core: ? ?MHz ?bitMemory: 16MB SDR FrameBuffer + 4/16/32/64MB optional SDR Texture memory ?MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: 2x PCIMade: ? Links: press info manual
Intergraph Intense3D RealiZm 1.3 (MSMT261)
Core: ? ?MHz ?bitMemory: 16MB SDR FrameBuffer + 4/16/32/64MB optional SDR Texture memory ?MHz ?bitYear: 1996 Bus: 2x PCIMade: ? Links: press info manual pdf
Umax MaxMedia CX/Pro
Core: 3x S3 Vision 864-P ?MHz ?bitMemory: 3x2MB 2cycle EDO ?MHz 3x64bitYear: 1994 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Gbooks older model German infoNote: accelerator for high colors 2D - each chip is for counting one color channel
Appian Graphics Jeronimo Pro
Core: 2x3Dlabs Permedia 2 80MHz 64bitMemory: 2x8MB SGR ?MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: 0,35µm Texas Instruments Phillipines Links: none known
SPEA Graphiti HiLite 1024
Core: TMS34020AGBL-40 ?MHz 32bitMemory: ?kB VRAM ?MHz 16/32bitYear: 1988 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Texas Instruments Japan Links: PDF User guide
Datapath Horizon 2S
Core: 2xSavage4 GT (86C395) 109,8MHz 128bitMemory: 2x8MB SGR 125,3MHz 64bitYear: 2002 Bus: PCIMade: 0,25µm Links: Info Datasheet Registers Estepinfo
Compaq PowerStorm 300 AGP
Core: Evans & Sutherland REALimage 2100 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 15MB 3DRAM FrameBuffer + 16MB CDRAM Texture memory ?MHz 64bitYear: 1998 Bus: AGP 1xMade: ? µm Links: Pdf PdfNote: need drivers for x86
3Dlabs Wildcat VP560
Core: Wildcat VP500 (P9) ?MHz ?bitMemory: 64MB DDR 128bitYear: 2002 Bus: AGP 1x-8xMade: ? µm Taiwan Links: ixbtlabs Pdf Beyond3D Price: $250
Intergraph Intense3D Wildcat 4210 (MSMT527)
Core: Wildcat 4210 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 128MB SDR 256bit FrameBuffer + 128MB SDR 128bit Texture memory + 32MB 64bit DirectBurstYear: 2000 Bus: AGP Pro+PCIMade: ? µm Links: Viewperf manual info
Intergraph Intense3D Wildcat 4105 (MSMT613)
Core: Wildcat 4105 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 16MB SDR FrameBuffer + 64MB SDR Texture memory ?MHz ?bitYear: 1999 Bus: AGP 2xMade: ? µm Links: Viewperf manual press info
Intergraph Intense3D 3600 (MSMT556)
Core: Wildcat 4000 + Lynx 5 Geometry Accelerator ?MHz ?bitMemory: 16MB SDR FrameBuffer + 64MB SDR Texture memory ?MHz ?bitYear: 1998 Bus: PCI + AGPMade: ? µm Links: benchmark manual press info
HP Visualize fx4+
Core: HP ?MHz ?bitMemory: 18MB SGR FrameBuffer 192bit + 16MB SDR optional Texture module ?MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: AGP Pro+PCIMade: Canada Links: Press manual Pdf Pdf
Evans & Sutherland Lightning 1200
Core: Evans & Sutherland REALimage 1200 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 15MB 3D-RAM FrameBuffer + 16MB CDRAM Texture memory ?MHz ?bitYear: 1999 Bus: AGP 2xMade: ? µm Links: Viewperf Tom's Hardware Price: $699
Accel Graphics Eclipse
Core: Mitsubishi 3DPro/2mp ?MHz ?bitMemory: 15MB 3D-RAM FrameBuffer + 16MB CDRAM Texture Memory ?MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCI / AGP 1xMade: Japan Links: Press Press Press Benchmark (Russian)
STB MVP Pro-128
Core: 2xNV3 (Riva 128) 100MHz 128bitMemory: 2x4MB SGR 100MHz 128bitYear: 1998 Bus: PCIMade: SGS Thomson 0,35 µm Malta Links: PDF datasheet Press Release Price: unknownNote: Dual version, with upgrade module upto 4 monitors supported

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