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Tag: 512kB Ordering
Control Systems Artist 1
Core: NEC 7220 ?MHz 16bit (?)Memory: 512KB DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1983  Bus: ISA 8bit Links: GBooksnote:  i'm not 100% sure, if it is really an Artist 1, but it should be... consists of two boards sticked together
ATi VGAStereo F/X
Core: ATi 28800-6  ?MHz ?bit    MADE: 0,8µmMemory: (512KB or) 1MB DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1992 Bus: ISA 16bitLinks: GBooksnote: this one is also a soundcard (based on OPL2) and has a mouseport (afaik busmouse)
miroGRAPH 510
Core: Signetics SCC63484C8N64 (ACRTC) 8MHz ?bitMemory: 512KB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1986 ?  Bus: ISA 16bit Links: SCC63484 datasheetnote:  afaik pre-TIGA workstation-card, support for quite high resolution (for it's time) connector 9-pin D-SUB female like EGA

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