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Tag: 8514A Ordering
ATi Graphics Vantage
Core: 28800-6 & 38800-1 (Mach 8) ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1MB DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1991 Bus: ISA 16bit
ATi 8514/Ultra

Core: 38800-1 (Mach8) ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1991 Bus: ISA 16bit and/or MCA

Chips&Technologies F82C480 B EIZO - AA40
Core: Chips F82C480 B ?MHz ?bit Memory: 512kB (1MB max) VRAM ?MHz 40bit Year: 1990 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Japan Links: Pdf GbooksNote: CAD card,fully backwards compatible with IBM® 8514/A
Chips&Technologies F82C481 Miro Magic Plus
Core: Chips F82C481 ?MHz ?bit Cirrus Logic CL-GD5401 for DOSMemory: 2MB (4MB max) VRAM 40MHz 40bit 256kB DRAM for DOSYear: 1992 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Japan Links: PdfNote: CAD card,fully backwards compatible with IBM® 8514/A

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