Product Overview

Trio3D Business Multimedia Accelerator


Feature List

High-Performance Integrated EDO DRAM and SGRAM-based Graphics/Video Accelerator

  • Enhanced 128-bit graphics engine
  • Integrated 230 MHz RAMDAC and programmable dual-clock synthesizer
  • Enhanced S3® Streams ProcessorTM for hardware-assisted high-quality video playback of two video streams against a graphics background
  • S3 Local Peripheral Bus/Video Interface Port for direct interface to live video and MPEG-2 peripherals
  • 3.3V core logic with 5V tolerant I/O

Enhanced Streams Processor Features

  • Video stretching, filtering, blending, and color space conversion (YUV to RGB) of three independent pixel streams on the fly (1 primary graphics stream and 2 secondary video streams)
  • Supports simultaneous display of graphics and video of different color depths
  • Hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast controls for two secondary video streams
  • Hardware support for individually scalable dual video windows
  • High-quality vertical interpolation
  • 110 MHz Streams operation permits video resolution support of up to 1280x1024x8 @60 Hz refresh

S3 Local Peripheral Bus (LPB)/Video Interface Port (VIP) Interfaces

  • Industry standard video digitizers
  • VIP-compliant devices
  • Video conferencing

Industry-Standard System Bus Interface

  • Glueless 33 MHz PCI bus support
  • 66 MHz PCI cycles on AGP bus

PCI Bus Mastering

  • Support for mastering frames from the frame buffer to system memory for video capture applications
  • Improves graphics performance

High-Non Interlaced Screen Resolution Support

  • 1600x1200x64K colors at 85 Hz refresh
  • 1024x768x16.7M colors at 85 Hz refresh

High-Performance Memory Support

  • 75 MHz single-cycle EDO DRAM memory support (2 or 4 MBytes)
  • 100 MHz SGRAM support (2 or 4 MBytes)
  • Supports SGRAM block write functionality for high performance

Full Software Support

  • Drivers for all major operating systems (Windows® 3.11, Windows NT®, Windows 95, Windows 98, OS/2® 2.1 and 3.0)

Green PC/Monitor Plug and Play Support

  • Full hardware and BIOS support for VESA Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) monitor power savings modes
  • DDC2 monitor communications support

Industry-Standard 208-pin PQFP Package with BGA Package Option

  • Pin-compatible with the S3 Trio64V2/GX and ViRGE®/GX for the 208-pin package
  • Pin-compatible with a future S3 accelerator for the BGA package

Product Description


The Trio3D business multimedia accelerator is a next-generation follow-on to the Trio64V+ and Trio64V2 products. It is a high-performance, highly integrated 2D/3D graphics and video accelerator that implements a 128-bit graphics engine and the very popular ViRGE/GX2 3D engine. It supports cost-effective EDO DRAM as well as high-performance Synchronous Graphics Memory (SGRAM) at 100 MHz. The Trio3D accelerator provides hardware support for individually scalable dual video windows against a graphics background, making it ideal for videoconferencing applications. Trio3D is pin-compatible with the Trio64V2/GX and ViRGE/GX products and is packaged in a 208-pin PQFP. A BGA package option is available as well to support higher memory speeds.

Enhanced Streams Processor

The enhanced Streams Processor technology permits stretching, filtering, and color space conversion (YUV to RGB) of two independent pixel streams on the fly. Arithmetic blending of a primary graphics stream and secondary graphics/video stream is also possible for fade-in and fade-out effects for game applications. Hardware double buffering of both primary and secondary data streams is also supported to enable high-quality "tear-free" playback. Color space conversion from YUV to RGB is supported for both secondary graphics streams

The processor sits in the pixel datapath between the display memory and the RAMDAC that drives the RGB signals to the monitor. One of the key advantages of this architecture is that it permits processing of pixel streams on the fly at display refresh rates. This eliminates the need to first write back processed (scaled or color-space-converted) data into the frame buffer before sending it to the RAMDAC. This saves memory storage and memory bandwidth.

Streams Processor technology also allows simultaneous display of graphics and video of different color depths. For example, it is possible to display 24 bpp-equivalent video on top of an 8-bit graphics background. This also saves memory bandwidth and storage capacity while also permitting higher frame rates because of reduced bandwidth requirements.

Hardware support for dual individually scalable video windows is provided. This allows two true-color CIF/QCIF image source sizes against a 1024x768 graphics resolution for high-quality videoconfencing applications. Smooth horizontal and vertical upscaling is supported. High-quality vertical interpolation uses a line buffer and DDA logic to handle transitional line averaging. Video resolutions of up to 1280x1024x8 at 60 Hz refresh are supported.

S3 Local Peripheral Bus

The Local Peripheral Bus (LPB) interface directly connects to industry-standard video digitizers. The VIP port option provide an industry-standard interface to DVD and MPEG-2 devices. For support of MPEG-2, re-interlacing with double buffering and detection of odd and even fields are provided.

Baseline AGP 66 MHz Support

Trio3D supports 66 MHz PCI master operation on the AGP bus for higher graphics performance.

PQFP Versus BGA Package Function Differences

While most functions are identical for the two packages, there are significant differences.

The BGA package has more memory speed "headroom". To support this, the non-memory functions multiplexed on memory pins for the PQFP package are moved to separate pins. This includes BIOS ROM read/control and power-on strapping. External address latches are required for the ROM.

The BGA package has separate I2C and DDC2 ports, allowing elimination of an external analog MUX.

The PQFP package supports a 16-bit LPB interface and Feature Connector operation. The BGA package has an 8-bit LPB interface and no Feature Connector support.


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