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Western Digital WD90C31A-ZS

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Core: WD90C31A-ZS ?MHz ?bit
Memory: 512?kB ?MHz ?bit
Year: 199? Bus: integrated
Made: ?
Links: none known

Western Digital WD90C31A-ZS Western Digital WD90C31A-ZS

Comments (2)
  • Anonymous  - WD90C31-ZS bios

    Could you make a copy of this card bios? I've this card, but the bios chip is missing, altough with the WD90C33 VLB card bios chip is working, but is buggy, so i need a WD90C31-ZS bios file to work 100% correctly.
    Thanks and Best Wishes

  • Vlask

    Sorry can't. Dont have any bios reading/writing device and this card has no standart interface. So i can't plug it into any PC.

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