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SiS 530

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Core: SiS 6326 100MHz 64bit Memory: 16MB SDR 100MHz 64bit
Year: 1998 Bus: Integrated
CPU socket: supersocket 7 (AMD K6-2, K6-III)

I I was running AMD K6-2 500Mhz on this motherboard with this GPU, motherbaord suddenly died year ago.

SiS 530 SiS 530
Motherboard with SiS 530 Motherboard with SiS 530

Comments (3)
  • Gona  - M599LMR

    The motherboard model number is "M599LMR".
    This motherboard has made by the Taiwanise
    Hsing Tech Enterprise Co., LTD.
    This manufacturer has made cheap motherboard, that sold by lot companies like PcChips, Amptron and Aristo.
    Here is my source with an earlier model "M599":

    And I have found on the the PcChips product page: 99LMR.html

    and the Amptron product page: m599lmr.html

  • Zaatharen

    Thanks for info! Motherboard died when i tried OC with AMD K6-2 523MHz :F

  • Gona  - re: M599LMR
    Gona wrote: 99LMR.html m599lmr.html

    BUG: There is no space in the URL! It seems a space adding in URL after the 70th character.

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