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Intel 815

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Core: Intel 82815E 100MHz Memory: 16MB SDR 133MHz 64bit
Year: 1999 Bus: Integrated
DirectX: 9.0 OpenGL: 1 ROPs: 1 TMUs: 1
CPU socket: 370 (Pentium III, Celeron)

Compaq: This chipset is on my old motherboard from Compaq computer with Celeron 1,1GHz. All those motherboards suffered on bad capacitos like this one.

HP: This motherboard have better integrated LAN controller then some mobos with Realtek chip, also it have PCI-X slot, ISA Extender. Supports max 512MB RAM.

A Open: This mobo is more like "generic" for later socket 370. This one have problems with more than 512MB RAM. So 3x256MB doesnt work.

Intel i815 chipset Intel i815 chipset
Compaq motherbaord with Intel 815 chipset Compaq motherbaord with Intel 815 chipset
Hewlett-Packard motherboard Hewlett-Packard motherboard
A Open AX3S A Open AX3S

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