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AMD 760G (Radeon HD3200)

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Core: RS780L (Radeon HD 3200) 400MHz 128bit
Memory: 32-1024MB DDR3 1066-1333MHz 64-128bit
Year: 2008 Bus: Integrated PCI-E  Made: 55nm 
Pixel pipelines: 4 TMU per pipeline: 1
Unified shaders: 40 (v4.0)  
OpenGL: 3.3 DirectX: 10 CPU socket: AM3 (AMD)
Pixel write speed: 1600 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 1600 MTexel/s
Memory bandwith: 10600 MB/s

AMD 760G chipset AMD 760G chipset
MSI 760GM-E51 motherboard MSI 760GM-E51 motherboard
Sapphire Pure Innovation 760G Sapphire Pure Innovation 760G

Supported technologies: 

AGP Texturing
Additive Texture Blending
Anisotropic Filtering
Bilinear Filtering
Cube Mapping
DXT Compressed Textures
Dot3 Texture Blending
Environmental Bump Mapping
Environmental Bump Mapping With Luminance
Factor Alpha Blending
Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing
Guard Band Support
Hardware Transform and Lighting
Mipmap LOD Bias Adjustment
Multiplicative Texture Blending
Point Primitive Support
Point Sampling
Positional Lights
Projected Textures
Range Fog
Rendering to a Window
Specular Gouraud Shading
Stencil Buffers
Subpixel Accurate Rasterizing
Subtractive Texture Blending
Table Fog
Texture Alpha Blending
Texture Clamping
Texture Mirroring
Texture Wrapping
Trilinear Filtering
Vertex Alpha Blending
Vertex Fog
Volume Textures

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