I have made some benchmarks with this card, on a Pentium D 820 with 2Gb of DDR2. Here's some results :

Lightsmark 2008 :
9500GT Manli 1Gb : 138fps
9600GS 768Mb : 184.8fps
9600GT Manli 512Mb : 249fps

Furmark :
9500GT Manli 1Gb : 231
9600GS 768Mb : 337
9600GT Manli 512Mb : 565

UT3 Corruption demo - 1280x1024
9500GT Manli 1Gb : 28fps
9600GS 768Mb : 31fps
9600GT Manli 512Mb : 31fps

UT3 Serenity demo - 1280x1024
9500GT Manli 1Gb : 30fps
9600GS 768Mb : 32fps
9600GT Manli 512Mb : 31fps

Passmark 3D :
9500GT Manli 1Gb : 252.3fps
9600GS 768Mb : 407fps
9600GT Manli 512Mb : 628fps

I wonder if the additional RAM helped in the UT3 benchmark as the results are either identical or better than the 9600GT.

So it's actually a fine little card. A lot better than a 9500GT, around 10 to 30% slower than a 9600GT depending on the game, doesn't need the additional PCI-E power supply, SLI capable, has all the output you would want. They're made by Pegatron by the way.
The cooler sucks though, on mine the fan was dead so I replaced it, but the temps weren't great. It was not overheating, but it ran a bit hotter than the 9600GT.