Motorola MC6845P

Thursday, 19 January 2012 16:39 palcal
Core: Motorola MC6845P ?MHz ?bit
Memory: 16kB ?MHz ?bit
Year: 1981 Bus: ISA 8bit
Made: ?
Links: Wikipedia Pdf IBMtechguide

(734) IBM CGA (734) IBM CGA
(734) IBM CGA (734) IBM CGA

Tags: Motorola ISA 8bit 16kB 1981 DRAM CGA Palcal
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  • herauthon  - ISA8 Video

    I got the same card in collection - not close the size/volume as you have. But i try.

  • Doris

    :D I have it in my PC XT, nostalgy

  • Anonymous

    :0 :roll:

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