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Tag: Palcal Ordering
Trident TVGA9000i-2
Core: TVGA9000i-2 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1MB DRAM ?MHz 16bitYear: 1995 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: ? Links: none known
ATi Radeon 9550
Core: RV350 250MHz ?bitMemory: 128MB DDR 400MHz 128bitYear: 2005 Bus: AGP 8xMade: TSMC 0,13µm Taiwan Links:
Trident TVGA8900CL-C
Core: TVGA 8900CL-C ?MHz ?bitMemory: 512kB - 1MB ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: ? Links: none known
Cirrus Logic CL-GD54M40-QC-A
Core: CL-GD54M-QC-A ?MHz 64bitMemory: 1MB (2MB max) EDO ?MHz 64bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: Korea Links: none
Weitek Power 9000
Core: Power 9000 ?MHz 32bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bit 1MB DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1992 Bus: VL-Bus / PCIMade: Hong Kong Links: Press  Price: $549
Chips&Technologies F82C480 B EIZO - AA40
Core: Chips F82C480 B ?MHz ?bit Memory: 512kB (1MB max) VRAM ?MHz 40bit Year: 1990 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Japan Links: Pdf GbooksNote: CAD card,fully backwards compatible with IBM® 8514/A
ATI Radeon 9700
Core: R300 275MHz ?bitMemory: 256MB DDR 270MHz 256bitYear: 2002 Bus: AGP 8xMade: TSMC 0,15µm Taiwan Links: xbitlabs
ATI Radeon X300SE
Core: RV370 325MHz ?bitMemory: 128MB DDR 400MHz 64bitYear: 2004 Bus: PCI-E 16xMade: TSMC 0,11µm Link: 
Core: UM85C405AF ?MHz ?bitMemory: 512kB ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: ? Links: none 
Avance Logic ALG2101
Core: ALG2101 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1MB ?MHz ?bitYear: 1992 Bus: 16bit ISA Made: Taiwan Links: none known
Diamond Speedstar A70
Core: SiS 6326 DVD ?MHz 64bitMemory: 8MB SDRAM 100MHz ?bitYear: 1998 Bus: AGP 2x Made: Taiwan Links: Datasheet
Matrox IS-MGA2164WP-C (Mistral)
MILLENNIUM II Core: 2164WP-C (Mistral) 66MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB(8/16MB max) WRAM 66MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: 0,35 µm Links: dell benchmark infoworld Price: $279
Matrox Parhelia-LX
Core: Parhelia-LX 230MHz 256bitMemory: 64MB DDR 460MHz 128bitYear: 2003 Bus: AGP 8xMade: 0,15 µm Links: Matrox icrontic pdf Price: $169
nVIDIA geForce 7600GT
Core: G73 560MHzMemory: 256MB DDR2 1400MHz 128bitYear: 2006 Bus: PCI-E 16xMade: TSMC 0,09µm Taiwan Links: xbitlabs Price: $
nVIDIA geForce 8500GT
Core: G86 459MHz ?bitMemory: 640MB GDDR3 800MHz 128bitYear: 2007 Bus: PCI-E 16xMade: TSMC 0,09µm Taiwan Links: Wikipedia
nVIDIA geForce 8800GTX
Core: G80 575MHz ?bitMemory: 768MB GDDR3 1800MHz 384bitYear: 2006 Bus: PCI-E 16xMade: TSMC 0,09µm Taiwan Links: Wikipedia
ATI 28800-6 + 38800-1 (8514/A)
Core: 28800-6 ?MHz ?bit 38800-1 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 512kB DRAM ?MHz ?bit 1MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1992 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Japan Links: none known Note: CAD card,fully backwards compatible with IBM® 8514/A
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5464-HC-A Laguna3D
Core: CL-GD5464 75MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB (8MB max) RDRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: Japan Links: Pdf web archive Press Datasheet
ATI FireGL V3100
Core: RV370 400MHz ?bitMemory: 128MB DDR 200MHz 128bitYear: 2005 Bus: PCI-E 16x Made: Taiwan Links:
ATI Radeon 9800 XL
Core: R350 350MHz ?bitMemory: 128MB DDR 310MHz 256bitYear: 2003 Bus: AGP 8xMade:  Taiwan Links: 
ATI Radeon X600 Pro
Core: RV380 400MHz ?bitMemory: 128MB DDR 600MHz 128bitYear: 2004 Bus: PCI-E 16xMade: Taiwan Links: 3Dvelocity
ATI Radeon 9000 Pro
Core: R250 275MHz 128bitMemory: 128MB DDR 275MHz 128bitYear: 2003 Bus: PCI, AGP 8xMade:  Taiwan, 0,15µm TSMC Links: Wiki Xbitlabs
Diamond EDGE 3D 3240
Core: nVIDIA NV1 60MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB (4MB max) VRAM 60MHz 64bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: ST Micro 0,50 µm Malta Links: datasheet Wiki info datasheet
Videologic Rapier 24
Core: TMS34020AGBL ?MHz 32bitMemory: 3,5MB VRAM ?MHz 16/32bit 1MB DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1988 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Texas Instruments Japan Links: Pdf Gbooks 1 2 3 Wiki doc User guide Price: $2995Note: CAD card from year 1992
nVIDIA geForce 6800
Core: NV40 325MHz 256bitMemory: 128MB DDR3 700MHz 256bitYear: 2004 Bus: AGP 8xMade: 0,13µm Korea Links: Leadtek manual Bjorn3D Wikipedia
Number Nine Ticket to Ride WRAM
Core: Ticket to Ride ?MHz ?bitMemory: 8MB (16MB max) WRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: Philippines Links:
ATI Radeon 7500 LE
Core: RV200 230MHz ?bitMemory: 64MB DDR 330MHz 64bitYear: 2002 Bus: AGP 4xMade: 0,15µm TSMC Links: Wiki Guru3D Press Xbibt Price: $
Matrox MGA-1164SG-D (Cyclone) + Rainbow Runner Studio
MYSTIQUE Core: MGA-1164SG-D (Cyclone) 66MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB(8MB max) SGR 99MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: Wikipedia Note: 
Matrox MGA-1064SG-G (Hurricane)
MYSTIQUE Core: MGA-1064SG-G (Hurricane) 66MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB(8MB max) SGR 99MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: Wikipedia Note: 
3Dfx Voodoo 5 5500
Core: 166MHz 128bitMemory: 64MB SDRAM 166MHz 128bitYear: 2000 Bus: AGP 2x (PCI)Made: 0,25 µm TSMC Links: Czech English
ATI Rage Mobility-P
Core: ATI Rage Mobility-L ?MHz ?bitMemory: 8MB (8MB max) SDR ?MHz ?bitYear: 1999 Bus: AGP 4xMade: ? Links: Wiki
CPS Computer Distribution GMBH - Video Blaster Plus
Core: CHIPS F82C9001 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1,5MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1992 Bus: ISAMade: ? Links: datasheetNote: frame grabber card
Sigma Designs REALmagic EM8475
Core: REALmagic EM8475 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB SDR ?MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: pdf Note: DVD decoder
Creative Technology CT7260
Core: Creative CT7235-VBQ ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB EDO ?MHz ?bitYear: 1999 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: ? Note: DVD decoder
Sigma Designs REALmagic EM8400
Core: REALmagic EM8400 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB EDO ?MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: pdf Note: DVD decoder
nVIDIA Quadro2 MXR
Core: NV11GL 200MHz 256bitMemory: 32MB SDR 183MHz 128bitYear: 2002 Bus: AGP 4xMade: 0,18 µm Taiwan Links:  Wikipedia pdf Note: Chip also used in GeForce 2 MX
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5420-75QC-B
Core: CL-GD5420-75QC-B 75MHz ?bitMemory: 512kB (1MB max) FPM 50MHz 16bitYear: 1993 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Korea Links: Pdf Press
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5434-HC-B
Core: CL-GD5434-HC-B 108MHz 64bitMemory: 1-2MB (4MB max) FPM 50MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: PCIMade: Japan Links: Web archive Pdf
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446-HC-A
Core: CL-GD5446-HC-A 135MHz 64bitMemory: 1-2MB (4MB max) EDO 80,538MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Pdf web archive
Diamond Speedstar 24 ISA
Core: Tseng ET4000AX ?MHz 32bitMemory: 1MB DRAM ?MHz 32bitYear: 1993 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Korea Links: Pdf
ATI CW16800-B
Core: CW16800-B ?MHz ?bitMemory: 256kB ?MHz ?bitYear: 1987 Bus: ISA 8bitMade: Taiwan Links: wiki
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
Core: R300 325MHz ?bitMemory: 256MB DDR 310MHz 256bitYear: 2002 Bus: AGP 8xMade: TSMC 0,15µm Taiwan Links: guru3d
2x Cirrus Logic CL-GD5465-HC-C Laguna3D
Core: 2x CL-GD5465 ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2x 4MB RDRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1999 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Pdf web archive Press Barco pdf
Trident TGUI9680-1
Core: TGUI 9680-1 ?MHz 64bitMemory: 1MB (2MB max) EDO ?MHz ?bitYear: 1994 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: none known
Western Digital WD90C11-LR
Core: WD90C11-LR ?MHz ?bitMemory: 512kB ?MHz ?bitYear: 1991 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: ? Links: none known
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5434-J-QC-F
Core:CL-GD5434-J-QC-F ?MHz 64bit Memory: 1-2MB (4MB max) FPM 50MHz 64bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: Korea Links: Web archive Pdf
Motorola MC6845P
Core: Motorola MC6845P ?MHz ?bitMemory: 16kB ?MHz ?bitYear: 1981 Bus: ISA 8bitMade: ? Links: Wikipedia Pdf IBMtechguide
Core: Texas Instruments TMS34010FNL-50 50MHz 32bitMemory: 512kB DRAM + 1MB VRAM ?MHz 16bitYear: 1990 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Texas Instruments Links: Pdf Wikipedia youtube promo video User guide 
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5422-80QC-C
Core: CL-GD5422-80QC-C ?MHz ?bitMemory: 512kB - 1MB DRAM 50MHz 32bitYear: 1993 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Korea Links: Pdf Press
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5430-QC-D
Core: CL-GD5430-QC-D 78MHz 32bitMemory: 1MB (2MB max) FPM 60MHz 32bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: Korea Links: Pdf
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