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Tag: 4MB Ordering
ATi Mach64 GX
Core: ATii Mach64 GX  ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB DRAM ?MHz ?bit Year: 1994 Bus: PCI
Matrox Mystique
Core: 1064SG-D (Hurricane) 50,11MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB (8MB max) SGR 75,17MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: NEC Links: Wikipedia Vintage3D Datasheet
Compaq Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition
Core: ATI 3D Rage IIC PCI ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB SDRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Linuxmanual HP info
ATi Rage II+ DVD
Core: ATI Rage II+DVD 75MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB EDO 60MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCI  Made: 350nm
Diamond Stealth 64 Video VRAM
Core: S3 86C968-P ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1995 Bus: VL-Bus
Diamond Stealth 64
Core: S3 86C964-P ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: VL-Bus
ELSA Winner 2000 Pro
Core: S3 86C964-P ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: VL-Bus
Matrox Millennium
Core: IS-MGA-2064W / IS-STORM 50MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB(8MB max) WRAM 50MHz 64bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: 0,35 µm Links: czech review infoworld Price: $326
Orchid Fahrenheit Pro Video 64
Core: S3 86C968-P ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB (4MB max) VRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994  Bus: VL-Bus
SPEA Storm Pro
Core: Weitek Power 9100 ?MHz 32bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: VL-BusLinks: Gbooks Press
SPEA Mercury Pro
Core: S3 86C928-P ?MHz 32bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz 32bitYear: 1993 Bus: VL-Bus
Matrox Impression Pro VLB
alias: MGA-PRO/4.5Z/V Core: 2x IS-DUBIC & 1x IS-TITAN ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4,5MB VRAM ?MHz 64bit (?) & 4MB DRAM ?MHz ?bit (Z-Buffer?)Year: 1993  Bus: VL-Busbasic 3D-acceleration capabilities e.g. DynaView 3D (no Direct3D nor OpenGL-support) - information on that is highly appriceated Links:  some information on those cards here
Matrox Ultima Plus VLB
alias: MGA-VLB/2+ Core: IS-ATLAS ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB VRAM (4MB max) ?MHz 64bit (?)Year: 1994  Bus: VL-Bus
Elsa Winner 2000-4
Core: S3 86C928-P ?MHz 32bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz 32bitYear: 1993 (?)  this card: 1994 Bus: ISA 16bit and/or EISA
miro Crystal 32S VLB
Core: S3 86C928-P ?MHz 32bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz 32bitYear: 1994 (?) Bus: VL-BusMade: ?
Matrox Millenium II
    Core: MGA-2164W Mistral 66MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB WRAM 66MHz 64bit Year: 1997  Bus: AGP 1x Pixel pipelines: 1 TMU per pipeline: 1 Made:  350nm Pixel write speed: 66 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 66 MTexel/s  
Matrox IS-MGA2164WP-C (Mistral)
MILLENNIUM II Core: 2164WP-C (Mistral) 66MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB(8/16MB max) WRAM 66MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: 0,35 µm Links: dell benchmark infoworld Price: $279
3DLabs Permedia 2V
Core: Permedia 2V 83MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB SGR ?MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: AGP 1x
S3 Vision968
Core: 86C968-P 60MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB EDO 60MHz 64bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCI 
Matrox MGA-1164SG-D (Cyclone) + Rainbow Runner Studio
MYSTIQUE Core: MGA-1164SG-D (Cyclone) 66MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB(8MB max) SGR 99MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: Wikipedia Note: 
Matrox MGA-1064SG-G (Hurricane)
MYSTIQUE Core: MGA-1064SG-G (Hurricane) 66MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB(8MB max) SGR 99MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: Wikipedia Note: 
2x Cirrus Logic CL-GD5465-HC-C Laguna3D
Core: 2x CL-GD5465 ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2x 4MB RDRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1999 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Pdf web archive Press Barco pdf
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5480-80QC-A Alpine
Core: CL-GD5480-80QC-A ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB SGR ?MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCI Made: 0,4 µm Taiwan Links: Pdf  Press
Core: AM95C60-20GC 20MHz ?bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1987 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: AMD Links: datasheet gbooks
Alliance Semiconductor ProMotion aT3D
Core: ProMotion aT3D 61MHz 128bitMemory: 4MB EDO 61MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: Press Pdf Vintage3D Pdf short
SiS 6326 AGP
Core: 6326 90MHz 64bitMemory: 4/8MB SDR 100MHz 64bitYear: 1998 Bus: AGP 2x or PCI Pixel pipelines: 1 TMU per pipeline: 1 Pixel write speed: 90 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 90MTexel/s Memory bandwith: 720 MB/s
ATi 3D Rage II
Core: ATi RageII  75MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB EDO ? MHz 64bit Year: 1996 Bus: PCI Made: 350nm Pixel pipelines: 1 TMU per pipeline: 1 
Matrox G100A-E
Core: MGA-G100A-E 40MHz 64bit  Memory: 4MB SGRAM 60MHz 64bit Year: 1998 Bus: AGP 1x Made: 350nm 
S3 Trio 3D/2X
Core: 86C368 100MHz 64bit Memory: 4/8MB SDR 100MHz 64bit Year: 1999 Bus: AGP 2x Pixel pipelines: 1 TMU per pipeline: 1
3Dlabs Permedia
Core: TVP4010 40MHz ?bitMemory: 4MB SGR 60MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: Philippines, Texas Instruments Links: Press Datasheet Programmerguide Usersguide
Alliance Semiconductor ProMotion aT3D
Core: ProMotion aT3D 50MHz 128bit Memory: 4MB EDO 50MHz 64bit Pixel pipelines: 1 TMU per pipeline: 1 Pixel write speed: 50 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 50 MTexel/s Memory bandwith: 400 MB/s Year: 1997 Bus: PCI
Trident 3DImage9850
Core: 3DImage9850 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 4MB SGRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: AGP Made: ? Links: 1
S3 Aurora64V+
Core: 86CM65  135MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB EDO 80MHz 64bit Year: 1998  Bus: Integrated PCI
Diamond Fire GL 3000
Core:3D - 3DLabs GLiNT 500TX rendering processor ?MHz ?bit VGA - Avance Logic ALG2564 Memory: 4MB VRAM local memory + 1MB VGA ?MHz ?bit + module 4MB VRAM + 32MB EDO optional for 3D rendering solutions Year: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: Press Price: $3,195
Apple PowerMac HPV card 820-0509-A
Core: VLSI ?MHz ?bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 Bus: PDS 8bit (Processor Direct Slot)Made: ? Links: Lowendmac
nVIDIA Riva 128
Core: NV3 100MHz 128-bit Memory: 4MB SGR 100MHz 128bit Year: 1997 Bus: AGP 1x Made: 350nm Memory bandwith: 1600 MB/s DirectX: 5 ROPs: 1 TMUs: 1 Transistors: 3 million Pixel write speed: 100 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 100 MTexel/s
Core: ATi RageII  75MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB EDO 83,1 MHz 64bit Year: 1998 Bus: PCI Made: 350nm Pixel pipelines: 1 TMU per pipeline: 1  DirectX: 6
nVIDIA Riva 128
Core: NV3 100MHz 128bitMemory: 4MB SGR 100MHz 128bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCI/AGP1xMade: ST Micro. 0,35 µm Malta Links: PDF datasheet Wikipedia Price: $129 Note: (141) core:90MHz memory:90MHz
SiS 5598
Core: SiS 5598  66Mhz Memory: 4MB SDR 66MHz 64bit Year: 1997 Bus: Integrated CPU socket: 7 (Cyrix, K5, K6, Pentium)
SiS 6326AGP
Core: 6326AGP 83MHz 64bitMemory: 4-8MB SDR 83MHz 64bitYear: 1998 Bus: PCI / AGP 2xMade: Taiwan Links: Datasheet Wiki Note: (224) core: 60MHz memory:60MHz
Trident 3DImage9750
Core: 3DImage9750 50MHz 64bitMemory: 2 - 4MB EDO/SGRAM 50MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCI, AGP 2xMade: ? Links: Pdf Note: (938) core/memory 75/75MHz 
S3 86C325 Virge
Core: 86C325 50/55MHz 64bitMemory: 2-4MB 1 cycle EDO 50/55MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Pdf Datasheet
S3 86C375 Virge/DX
Core: 86C375 50/66MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB 1 cycle EDO 50/66MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Pdf
Diamond Stealth 64 Video VRAM VLB
Core: S3 Vision 968-P ?MHz ?bitMemory: 4MB DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1995 Bus: VL-BusMade: Korea Links: none known
Diamond Stealth 64 PCI
Core: S3 Vision 964 ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4MB DRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: PCIMade: Korea Links: ?  Price: $?
Miro Tiger
Core: Texas Instruments TMS34020GBL-32 ?MHz 32bitMemory: 4MB VRAM graphics memory ?MHz ?bit 8MB DRAM (SIM) program memory ?MHz ?bit 256kB DRAM VGA memory for Cirrus Logic chip ?MHz ?bit Year: 1988 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Texas Instruments Japan Links: Pdf Wikipedia manual GeekDot User guide 
S3 86C357 Virge/GX2
Core: 86C357 99MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB SGRAM 99MHz 64bitYear: 1997 Bus: AGP 1xMade: Philippines Links: Info Note: (321) core 90MHz memory 90MHz
S3 86C988 Virge/VX
Core: 86C988 50MHz 64bitMemory: 4 (8 max) MB VRAM ?MHz 64bit (+ 2MB EDO RAM ?MHz - Elsa Winner 3000)Year: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: Korea Links: Pdf ELSA's WINNER 3000 series is MSRP priced starting from $299 Price: ELSA's WINNER 3000 series priced starting from $299 Note:
Leutron Vision AG - Primaview 9403.4
Matrox Productiva G100-Quad
Core: 4xMGA-G100 (Twister) ?MHz 64bitMemory: 4x4MB SGR ?MHz 64bitYear: 1998 Bus: PCIMade: NEC 0,35 µm Links: manualNote: quad video card
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