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Tag: 2MB Ordering
S3 Virge/VX
Core: 86c988 50MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB EDO 50MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCI

NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD
Core: Neomagic MagicGraph 128XD (NM2160B) ?MHz 128bitMemory: 2MB DRAM ?Hz 64bit Year: 1996  Bus: Integrated PCI
ATI Mach 64VT4
Core: ATI Mach 64VT4 ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB 62Hz ?bitYear: 1998 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Czech review Programmerguide SDK
Number Nine 9FX Motion 531
Core: 86C868 ?MHz 64bitMemory: 1 MB DRAM (2 MB max) ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: VL-BusMade: Hong Kong in the end it's just another S3 868 - card, but with a nice box ;)
Media Vision ProGraphics 1024
Core: Media Vision MVV 452 ?MHz ?bit (+ Cirrus Logic GD5402 for VGA)Memory: 2,25 MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993  Bus: VL-Bus
Oak OTI-64111
Core: OTI-64111 ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB (4MB? max) EDO ?MHz 64bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: Press
ATi Rage II+ DVD
Core: ATI Rage II+DVD 75MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB EDO 60MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCI  Made: 350nm
Chips&Technologies B69000
Core: B69000 ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB integrated SDR 83MHz ?bitYear: 1997 Bus: PCIMade: Samsung 0,35µm Korea Links: Press datasheet
Creative Labs 3D Blaster VLB
Core: 3DLabs GameGlint - a trimmed down version of Glint 300SX (or maybe a full 300SX??) ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1 MB VRAM (framebuffer), 1 MB DRAM (textures) ?MHz ?bit (upgradable to 4 MB overall)Year: 1995 Bus: VL-Bus Links:  this was the first try to establish a consumer-card and standard for 3D-acceleration and the only 3D-accelerator for the Vesa Local Busit's also capable of 2D-acceleration in Windows or you could use it as a "plain" 3D-accelerator like a Voodoo later
Matrox Millennium
Core: IS-MGA-2064W / IS-STORM 50MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB(8MB max) WRAM 50MHz 64bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: 0,35 µm Links: czech review infoworld Price: $326
Orchid Kelvin MPEG
Core: Cirrus Logic GD5434 ?MHz 64bit (?)Memory: 1MB (2MB max) DRAM ?MHz 32bit (with 2MB: 64bit)Year: 1994  Bus: VL-Bus Links: GD5434 datasheet note: video playback capabilities through EM 70xx chipset as mentioned on box
Orchid Fahrenheit Pro Video 64
Core: S3 86C968-P ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB (4MB max) VRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994  Bus: VL-Bus
SPEA Mercury P64
Core: S3 86C964-P ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: VL-Bus
Matrox PG-1281CV/8
Core: TI TMS34010FNL 50MHz 32bit   &   1x IS-BIGA1281C ?MHz ?bit   &   2x IS-ROGA1281C ?MHz ?bitMemory: 512KB DRAM ?MHz (max 2.5MB above 34010)   &   128KB VRAM (above IS-BIGA)   &   2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1988  Bus: ISA 16bitLinks:  GBooks GBooks User guide
Matrox Ultima Plus VLB
alias: MGA-VLB/2+ Core: IS-ATLAS ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB VRAM (4MB max) ?MHz 64bit (?)Year: 1994  Bus: VL-Bus
Matrox Ultima VLB
alias: MGA-VLB/2 Core: IS-ATLAS ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 (?) this card: 1994  Bus: VL-Bus
Diamond Stealth Pro VL
Core: S3 86C928-P ?MHz 32bitMemory: 1MB (2MB max) VRAM ?MHz 32bitYear: 1993 Bus: VL-Bus Links: Press
Diamond Viper VLB
Core: Weitek Power 9000 + OAK Oti087X (2D) ?MHz ?bit or Weitek Power 9000 + Weitek 5186-080-PFP (2D) ?MHz ?bit Memory: 2MB VRAM + 256kB DRAM ?MHz ?bit Year: 1993 Bus: VL-BusMade: Hong Kong Links: Gbooks Diamond Viper Resource Page
miro Crystal 20SD twin VLB
Core: 2x S3 86C864-P ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB + 1MB DRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: VL-Bus
miro Crystal 20SV VLB
Core: S3 86C964-P or 86C968-P ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 (Rev. D: 1995)  Bus: VL-Bus
miro Crystal 16Si VLB
Core: S3 86C805i ?MHz 32bitMemory: 2MB DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 Bus: VL-Bus
miro Crystal 16S ISA
Core: S3 P86C928 ?MHz 32bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 (?) Bus: ISA 16bitMade: ?
miro Crystal 16S VLB
Core: S3 P86C928 ?MHz 32bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 (?) Bus: VL-BusMade: ?
ATi Graphics Xpression
Core: Mach64 GX ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB DRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Taiwan Links: GBooks
ATi Mach64 GX
Core: Mach64 GX ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: VL-BusMade: ? Links: GBooks
Macronix  MX86200FC
Core: MX86200FC Memory: 2MB (4MB MAX) EDO Year: 1996 Bus: PCI
Weitek Power 9000
Core: Power 9000 ?MHz 32bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bit 1MB DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1992 Bus: VL-Bus / PCIMade: Hong Kong Links: Press  Price: $549
Tseng ET6000
Core: ET6000 135MHz 128bitMemory: 2MB MDRAM 92MHz  Year: 1996 Bus: PCI  Memory bandwith: 500 MB/s 
Avance Logic ALG2302.A
Core: ALG2302.A 50MHz  64bitMemory: 2MB DRAM 50MHz 64bit Year: 1995  Bus: PCI   
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5464-HC-A Laguna3D
Core: CL-GD5464 75MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB (8MB max) RDRAM ?MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: Japan Links: Pdf web archive Press Datasheet
Diamond EDGE 3D 3240
Core: nVIDIA NV1 60MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB (4MB max) VRAM 60MHz 64bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: ST Micro 0,50 µm Malta Links: datasheet Wiki info datasheet
Sigma Designs REALmagic EM8475
Core: REALmagic EM8475 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB SDR ?MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: pdf Note: DVD decoder
Creative Technology CT7260
Core: Creative CT7235-VBQ ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB EDO ?MHz ?bitYear: 1999 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: ? Note: DVD decoder
Sigma Designs REALmagic EM8400
Core: REALmagic EM8400 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB EDO ?MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: pdf Note: DVD decoder
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5434-HC-B
Core: CL-GD5434-HC-B 108MHz 64bitMemory: 1-2MB (4MB max) FPM 50MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: PCIMade: Japan Links: Web archive Pdf
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446-HC-A
Core: CL-GD5446-HC-A 135MHz 64bitMemory: 1-2MB (4MB max) EDO 80,538MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Pdf web archive
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5430-QC-D
Core: CL-GD5430-QC-D 78MHz 32bitMemory: 1MB (2MB max) FPM 60MHz 32bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: Korea Links: Pdf
S3 P86C928-P
Core: P86C928-P ?MHz 32bitMemory: 2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 Bus: ISAMade: Japan Links: Gbooks Gbooks
Sigma Designs REALmagic EM8300
Core: REALmagic EM8300 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB EDO ?MHz ?bitYear: 1999 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: www.digivision Note: DVD decoder
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446BV-HC-A
Core: CL-GD5446BV-HC-A ?MHz 64bitMemory: 1-2MB EDO ?MHz 64bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: Pdf1 Pdf2 web archive
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5434-HC-D
Core: CL-GD5434-HC-D 108MHz 64bitMemory: 1-2MB (4MB max) FPM 50MHz 64bitYear: 1994 Bus: PCIMade: Japan Links: Web archive Pdf
Chips&Technologies F65550 B (HiQV32)
Core: F65550 B ?MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB EDO ?MHz 32bitYear: 1996 Bus: PCIMade: Taiwan Links: datasheet pdf1
ATi Mach64 VT
Core: ATi-264VT  60MHzMemory: 1/2MB EDO 60MHz Year: 1996 Bus: PCI
ATi 3D Rage II
Core: ATi RageII  75MHz 64bitMemory: 2/4MB EDO ? MHz 64bit Year: 1996 Bus: PCI Made: 350nm Pixel pipelines: 1 TMU per pipeline: 1 
NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD
Core: MagicGraph 128XD (NM2160) ?MHz 128bitMemory: 2MB embedded DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1996 Bus: integrated (PCI)Made: Korea Links: Press Wikipedia Press
ATi Mach64 VT4
Core: ATi-264VT4  75MHzMemory: 2MB EDO 60MHz Year: 1998 Bus: PCI
Trident TGUI9440
Core: TGUI9440 50MHzMemory: 2MB EDO 50MHz Year: 1994 Bus: PCI
miro 20 Twin PCI
Core: S3 86C864-P + 86C964-P ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB 2cycle EDO 0ns + 2MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1994 Bus: PCIMade: Korea Links: Jumpers Gbooks
SPEA Graphiti HiLite 1024
Core: Texas Instruments TMS34020AGBL-32 32MHz 32bitMemory: 1MB VRAM ?MHz ?bit (100ns) 1MB DRAM ?MHz ?bit (80ns)Year: 1988 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Texas Instruments Japan Links: Pdf Wikipedia User guide Note: max. resolution 1152x870/256color
Chips&Technologies F65550
Core: F65550A1 80MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB EDO 40MHz 32bit Year: 1996  Bus: Integrated PCI
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