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Media Vision ProGraphics 1024
Core: Media Vision MVV 452 ?MHz ?bit (+ Cirrus Logic GD5402 for VGA)Memory: 2,25 MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993  Bus: VL-Bus
Control Systems Artist 1
Core: NEC 7220 ?MHz 16bit (?)Memory: 512KB DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1983  Bus: ISA 8bit Links: GBooksnote:  i'm not 100% sure, if it is really an Artist 1, but it should be... consists of two boards sticked together
miroGRAPH 510
Core: Signetics SCC63484C8N64 (ACRTC) 8MHz ?bitMemory: 512KB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1986 ?  Bus: ISA 16bit Links: SCC63484 datasheetnote:  afaik pre-TIGA workstation-card, support for quite high resolution (for it's time) connector 9-pin D-SUB female like EGA
Core: NV2A (XGPU-B or XGPU-S)  233MHz 128bitMemory: 64MB DDR 400MHz 128bit Year: 2001 Bus: Integrated  Pixel pipelines: 4 TMU per pipeline: 2 Pixel write speed: 932 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 1864 MTexel/s  Made: 150nm DirectX: 8.1
ATi Flipper
Core: Flipper 162MHz ?bit  Memory: 3MB integrated 1T-SRAM 324MHz ?bit  (1 MB texture buffer and 2 MB framebuffer) Year: 2000  Bus: Integrated Made: 180nm Pixel pipelines: 4 TMU per pipeline: 1  Memory bandwith: 10,4 GB/s texture peak and 7,6 GB/s framebuffer peak Pixel write speed: 648 MPixel/s Texel write speed: 648 MTexel/s
CPS Computer Distribution GMBH - Video Blaster Plus
Core: CHIPS F82C9001 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1,5MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1992 Bus: ISAMade: ? Links: datasheetNote: frame grabber card
Sigma Designs REALmagic EM8475
Core: REALmagic EM8475 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB SDR ?MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: pdf Note: DVD decoder
Creative Technology CT7260
Core: Creative CT7235-VBQ ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB EDO ?MHz ?bitYear: 1999 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: ? Note: DVD decoder
Sigma Designs REALmagic EM8400
Core: REALmagic EM8400 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB EDO ?MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: pdf Note: DVD decoder
Sigma Designs REALmagic EM8300
Core: REALmagic EM8300 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 2MB EDO ?MHz ?bitYear: 1999 Bus: PCIMade: ? Links: www.digivision Note: DVD decoder
Core: AM95C60-20GC 20MHz ?bitMemory: 4MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1987 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: AMD Links: datasheet gbooks
Hewlett-Packard 1SH8-008
Core: 1SH8-008 ?MHz ?bit Memory: ?MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1988 Bus: ?Made: HP Links: 1 manual: 1 2 3
Core: BUZZ 1.1 251MHz ?bitMemory: 32MB SGRAM MHz ?bitYear: 2000 Bus: XIOMade: IBM Links: Wikipedia Webarchive Sgistuff Press Nekochan
Creative Technology Video Blaster CT6000
Core: CHIPS F82C9001 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1,5MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1992 Bus: ISAMade: ? Links: datasheetNote: frame grabber card
Creative Technology Video Blaster SE CT6040
Core: Philips SAA7195 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1,5MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 Bus: ISAMade: ? Links: datasheetNote: frame grabber card
Core: μPD7220AD 6MHz ?bitMemory: ?MB ?MHz ?bitYear: 1985 Bus:VMEbus Made: Japan Links: datasheet wiki Price: ?
Core: Digital SC04TH021CW02 ?MHz ?bitMemory: ?MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1994 Bus: PCIMade: ? µm Links: pdf HP wiki cz wiki eng Note: TGA 8 Plane graphic card for AlphaStation 200
Matrox Magic/RGB
Core: S3 P86C805 ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1MB DRAM + ?MB VRAM  ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 Bus: EISAMade: ? Links: Matrox driversNote: frame grabber card
Sun GX
Core: ??? ?MHz ?bitMemory: 1MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1989 Bus: SBusMade: ? µm AT&T Links: faq framebuffer GbooksNote: 
Sun TurboGX
Core: STP3010PGA 30MHz ?bitMemory: 1MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 Bus: SBusMade: 0,6 µm Philippines, Korea Links: Pdf PdfNote: FRU Number 501-2325-04, 501-2922
Core: LSI ?MHz ?bitMemory: ?MB ?MHz ?bitYear: 1993 Bus: GIO64Made: Hong Kong, Korea Links: SGIstuff SGIzone SGItech Press
Sun Creator 3D
Core: ?MHz ?bitMemory: 15MB 3DRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1995 Bus: UPA64S (UltraSPARC Port Architecture)Made: Hong Kong Links: Press Gbooks Pdf everything2Note: from Sun Ultra 1 Creator 3D
Core: IBM ?MHz ?bitMemory: 3MB VRAM ?MHz ?bitYear: 1995 Bus: PCIMade: IBM Links: IBM Press Price: $1,095Note: 2D card for IBM RISC System/6000 Model 40P and RISC System/6000 7020 Model D4E
Core: Intel i860 33MHz 64bitMemory: 2MB VRAM + 4MB ?MHz 64bitYear: 1989 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Intel 0,8 µm Links: Info Gbooks i860wiki czech i860 info GeekDotNote: CAD card from year 1992, price $2799
SPEA Graphiti Gallery-HE P35
Core: Hitachi HD63484CP98 9,8MHz ?bitMemory: 1MB (2MB max) VRAM ?MHz 16bitYear: 1986 Bus: ISA 16bitMade: Japan Links: PdfNote: predecessor of Tiga cards for CAD
Sun Creator
Core: 67MHz ?bitMemory: 5MB 3DRAM 75MHz ?bitYear: 1995 Bus: UPA (UltraSPARC Port Architecture)Made: Hong Kong Links: sunsite Pdf Specfp95

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